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Is balancing caregiving with work pulling you apart?

Is balancing caregiving with work pulling you apart?

You are not alone!

One out of six workers are also taking care of a family member on any given day.

Over a year, 25% of workers are taking care of a family member.

In a five year period, 42% - almost half the workforce - are also caregivers.

Fraction of Workers who are caregivers


It's not a small problem

Small problems are often quite large, once you look under the surface

  • Not fully-engaged at work
  • Missed opportunities
    • (sales – strategic – accounting)
  • Distracting co-workers
  • Absenteeism
  • Talent replacement
  • More supervision
  • Errors
  • Accidents
  • Lower morale
  • Last-minute vacation days
  • Inability to stay late



Employee / Caregiver

You want to earn your pay and advance your career but you're caring for a loved one at home.



You want to help your employees who are caregivers but also need to run a productive business.

Here's how you both get what you want:

Caregiver Harbor Can Help!


  • Discover useful things you can do right now to make a better life for you and your loved-one.
  • Learn how to develop new habits that will help you stay focused at work and free up more time for some fun.
  • Find new products and services that will make your life easier and your home safer.


  • Improve productivity (research shows that working caregivers function at 18.5% below their normal level)
  • Learn new ways to improve your bottom line by helping them.
  • No unreasonable accommodations or concessions are necessary. 

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