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How Good Do You Want Your Caregiving Life to be?

All work and no play leads to dysfunctional families

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Respite is an important part of every care-giver’s support system which they need so they can continue providing the highest level of care possible. Without it, their physical, mental, and emotional states decline so that their attitudes and abilities are compromised. Those who find a way to take breaks from the constant pressure are better able to protect themselves from bad stress and are apt to do better at work and at home. Respite isn't a luxury: it's a necessity.

Help! My Loved-one Doesn't Want to be Active

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Research has shown the importance of participating in activities. Every person benefits from doing something that challenges his or her body and mind – no matter how little or much they are capable of doing. But if roughly 80% of the general population isn’t active enough, it shouldn’t be a surprise that people with disabilities might not want to exercise either. Is there anything you can do as a caregiver to get them interested? Yes, and here's how.



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