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Ecumenical Adult Care Needs a Christmas Miracle Today

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Caregivers and seniors who depend on Ecumenical Adult Care of Naperville, a 501c3 charitable organization, urgently need your help. Later today, an emergency meeting will decide the fate of the center which has faithfully served the Naperville area for over 33 years by caring for society's forgotten ones while their family members try to make ends meet and keep their jobs. Here's the story.

Hey, Honey: We Need to Talk About My Mom

When Living Alone Is No Longer an Option

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“We need to talk about my mom” has almost become cliché, but what happens next is as different as individual snowflakes. Situations are never identical in the world of caregiving and family dynamics can make getting to solutions a difficult, winding and stressful process. However, you won't go wrong if you . . .

Want to Get Fired? Just Tell Your Boss You're Burned Out

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Working caregivers live with one stress-inducing situation after another. Confusion, distractions, conflicting demands on your time and an inability to see your plans through are just some of the culprits that push your patience to its limit. If you don’t take every opportunity to reduce the pressure that builds up inside, you’ll end up feeling like a truck ran over your already exhausted body. This is burnout and here are steps to get out of it.

A Chaotic Start is the Best Way to have an Awful Day

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If you are a caregiver and your day is going well, one of two things is likely. Either today is one of your rare lucky days or you follow a morning routine. If this is just a lucky day for you, go ahead and enjoy it. This too shall pass. Tomorrow or the next day will be chaotic again and you’ll be reacting to every disturbance as if it were the first time you had to deal with it. Learn how carers who seem to have it all together when they come to work do it.

How to Reduce Your Medication Management Worries at Work

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Before any work begins or before anything I do for myself, I have to take my loved one's vitals and perform other monitoring, make decisions about which medications are needed at the moment and the level of dosing. It’s not the activity that creates consternation for me, but the stress of knowing that once administered, there’s nothing I can do to stop any negative effects. I can only wait a short while before leaving for work so I only hope that my calculations were correct. Once there, I have to try to focus on my job. If you're like me ... read on.

How to Stop Bringing Worries to Work with You

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Worry about caregiving-related issues while at work may be the #1 roadblock to productivity for employees who provide care to family members at home. When it takes over, it can cause full-blown distraction that doesn't soon let up. It can get you to make extra personal phone calls and spend too much time doing internet research. While it often feels like there is nothing you can do to stop worrying, there are actually a number of different ways to keep it at bay or keep it out of the workplace altogether. Here are a few tips that worked for me.

How to Persuade Your Boss to Approve Flextime

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How important is flextime to employees? Numerous surveys indicate that it is something that potential workers value highly; consistently being named as one of the top 3 most desired benefits – along with compensation and opportunity for advancement. More employers than ever are realizing better productivity and happier employees by allowing them to have some control over when and where they do their work. But what if you don't work for one of them and flextime would be a perfect solution to your home-work dilemma? Here's what you should know before you make your request.

Your Motivating Reasons Can't get you to Desired Results

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There are thousands of working caregivers who have made resolutions and are fully motivated to double-down on their attempts to do better at their jobs this year. Like solid rocket boosters on the space shuttle, motivation is needed for the thrust to get going, but that's it's only purpose. Once the excitement fades, what then? Here's what it takes to make it happen. 

Happy Caregivers Know these 3 Secrets to Rejuvenation

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Happiness is subjective and has to do with our overall feeling of well-being combined with a belief that our lives are meaningful and worthwhile. It’s a result of making carefully considered choices for ourselves and those we care for so that we have the greatest chance for success. I don’t think it depends on conclusions so much as on our attempts. There is a lot of happiness in doing one’s best in the hope that it will really make a positive difference in someone’s life. Our best effort can only be made when we are physically and mentally ready through sufficient sleep and a positive attitude plus a sustainable way to keep going through frequent but brief downtime. 

You Get One Chance to Get this Right

Think Carefully Before Telling Your Boss You're a Caregiver

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You may think the answer to the question of whether or not you should tell your boss that you are a caregiver is more about you, but it’s not. It’s more about the boss and what her needs are. The biggest mistake anyone can make when deliberating the pros & cons of letting an employer know about their situation at home is to expect the boss to . . .



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