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Do You Really Know What Your Mom Wants?

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How often have you thought, “I’ll bet mom (or dad) would really like this?” So, you buy it for her. But whenever you visit, it’s nowhere to be seen. We love our parents and we want to help them get the best they (or we) can afford. That’s all well and good if we fully understand what they want. When it involves staying in her own home or moving to a community, it gets complicated.

Don't Miss Opportunities by Ignoring Home Care

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Anyone who provides care more than just occasionally will, at some point, experience a moment of realization about the future and begin to consider the value of hiring a home care aide or a professional caregiver. At first, most caregivers ignore such thoughts, but the desire only gets stronger instead of going away and soon enough we start to wonder what it would take to get someone periodically to free us up for other things. I waited far too long to investigate the benefits and non-monetary costs and I paid a hefty price. Don't make the same mistake.

What You Need to Do if Mom Won't Let Others Do Their Job

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“Every time I visit my mom (age 92, lives alone) I find dusty furniture, dirty floors and bathrooms that need cleaning. Mom likes her home care worker but says she spends a lot of time texting and talking on the phone. The home care worker likes my mom but says every time she starts to clean up, my mom tells her not to because she wants to do it herself. I’m not sure what the truth is but I don’t want Mom living in a messy house. What can I do?”

7 Mistakes Most Caregivers Make

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The main goal for any caregiver should be to take care of himself or herself first, so they can continue to do their best for the person they are caring for. To do that, they must move through the process of learning what to do and how to do it as quickly as possible while avoiding additional stress from confusion and poor choices. The best way? – to learn from the mistakes of others.

Ecumenical Adult Care Needs a Christmas Miracle Today

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Caregivers and seniors who depend on Ecumenical Adult Care of Naperville, a 501c3 charitable organization, urgently need your help. Later today, an emergency meeting will decide the fate of the center which has faithfully served the Naperville area for over 33 years by caring for society's forgotten ones while their family members try to make ends meet and keep their jobs. Here's the story.

Hey, Honey: We Need to Talk About My Mom

When Living Alone Is No Longer an Option

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“We need to talk about my mom” has almost become cliché, but what happens next is as different as individual snowflakes. Situations are never identical in the world of caregiving and family dynamics can make getting to solutions a difficult, winding and stressful process. However, you won't go wrong if you . . .

This Month It's All about You

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November is National Family Caregivers Month and in observance we’ve put together a list of some of the events, pages, and articles we think you’ll find most helpful to your needs. Whether just beginning or nearing an end, the road we travel is winding and more often than we’d like to admit the weather is foggy. We usually can’t travel at a high rate of speed for very long before we are forced to a crawl. That’s the nature of caregiving. Fortunately, there’s a lot of help offered by a lot of people to guide us safely and we’ll share some of the best with you here.

Planning to Remodel? You Need to Read this First

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If you’re a caregiver no one has to tell you that most homes are built for standard size adults without physical challenges. Your care-recipient wants to be as independent as possible so caregiving homes usually need to be modified for comfort in some way. The steps to make certain you get everything you need without getting more than you need, within a budget you can afford, and without overspending can seem overwhelming. We've found a terrific guide to make you job a lot easier.

Special Needs Parents Need to Refuel Too

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Feel like an engine that keeps on running? According to the National Alliance for Caregiving, there are nearly 17 million unpaid caregivers who provide care to a child under the age of 18 with special needs. Even though, on average, they are considerably younger than those who take care of an elderly loved-one, they consider their health to be poorer. They could use help in many areas but the one they need most regularly is respite – time away for a short while so they can recharge and stay at their best. Finding a way to make it happen isn’t easy. Here are a few tips.

Agency Care vs Private Care - More than Time vs Money

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When Teri’s husband got seriously injured at work, all of her attention was instantly redirected. She no longer had a comfortable daily routine. In a moment she became the only decision-maker for the family, she became the only parent helping to raise two children, and she became a family caregiver. Teri still worked a full-time job with dreams of advancing to a higher position. How would she keep it all going? Where would she find the time to manage home and work well? Here's how Teri did it.



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