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Senior Safety Keeps Yard Work Enjoyable

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Few activities bring some people more joy than planting and caring for a garden or manicuring a lawn and shrubs. It is good for the mind, body, and soul. Though your plans for the lawn and garden may be about the same as last year, physically you have changed. Those changes can result in a decline in your ability to function at the same level of safety as before. Here are some ways to stay safe and products to make your job easier.

7 Mistakes Most Caregivers Make

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The main goal for any caregiver should be to take care of himself or herself first, so they can continue to do their best for the person they are caring for. To do that, they must move through the process of learning what to do and how to do it as quickly as possible while avoiding additional stress from confusion and poor choices. The best way? – to learn from the mistakes of others.

We are Partly Responsible for Our Parents' Foolish Spending

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Some of our elderly needlessly end up broke. Many others pass along much less to their heirs and beneficiaries than they had planned, worked and saved for during their income producing years. They didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to deplete their accounts nor was there a major event that took everything they had. It happened gradually and was barely noticeable, if at all, until it was too late.

Senior Socialization is Essential to Quality Caregiving

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According to the American Psychological Association, “… one of the most difficult problems family members face is achieving a balance between respecting an older adult's autonomy and intervening before self-neglect becomes dangerous.” Many seniors enjoy expanding their social circles and many prefer to shrink them. When they want to stay home all of the time, it can be a sign that something else is going on and it could be the early stages of self-neglect. Caregivers must be alert to this and take steps to ensure the well-being of their loved ones. Here's how.


How to Make the Holidays Happier for Everyone

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Thankfulness, Love, Peace, Joy, Family, and Friends are the ingredients of a happy holiday season. Stress is not. Any undue pressure caregivers put on themselves to make everything perfect is nothing more than a negative whirlwind of emotions that lead to unrealistic expectations, overspending, mental fatigue and physical exhaustion. Even if your loved one has dementia, you can, and should, have a good time. 

Dementia vs Kitchen: A Caregiver's Nightmare

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Is there any time of the year when your family enjoys the aromas coming from your kitchen more than at holiday time? The scents of favorite meals, warm bread, pastries and candy not only bring on anticipation but some of our fondest memories as well. Yet, for sons and daughters of people with dementia, it could also bring on heightened levels of anxiety over mom’s safety.

Be Very Careful When Choosing a Caregiver Agency

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"All state-licensed home care agencies are the same, right? They get their caregivers from the same labor pool, don’t they? So, since they are just a commodity, there’s no reason I should waste time with details or spend more on one agency than another." If you believe this, you could be putting Mom's life at risk and making your own life miserable. Choosing the right caregiver means much more than merely finding someone who is qualified. Here's what else you need to know.

How to Keep Mom's Car Safe for Winter Driving

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As we age, we become more vulnerable to hypothermia – which can result in confusion, loss of balance or death. The elderly are especially at risk during the winter months and that makes it important for caregivers to get their care recipients’ cars ready now so their loved ones get to their destinations without incident. We don’t want our mom or dad to have to get out of her or his car and try to walk in snow, on ice or in the cold – or worse, to have an accident. Follow our winter preparation suggestions and rest assured. 

The Depressed Elderly are a Feast for Thieves

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According to the World Health Organization, depression is now the number one cause for disability worldwide. We all want to prevent our loved ones from the physical and emotional burdens associated with this mental condition, yet there is another important reason why we shouldn’t ignore early warning signs. Our parents who suffer from depression, especially if they feel socially unfulfilled, are also more likely to become victims of all types of abuse from physical and emotional to neglect and exploitation. Here's what you can do to protect them.

7 Best Ways for Caregivers to Have a Happy Holiday

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Caregivers with years of experience know what it takes to get ready for the holidays so they can join in on festivities the same as everyone else. First-timers, however, will learn that this time of the year has a way of putting extra pressure on them emotionally and financially. Yes, it can be difficult for them to “get in the holiday spirit” but a little preparation makes all the difference. Here are our choices for the best holiday guides and tip sheets from seven experts to help everyone plan and enjoy the season.



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