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Senior Safety Keeps Yard Work Enjoyable

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Few activities bring some people more joy than planting and caring for a garden or manicuring a lawn and shrubs. It is good for the mind, body, and soul. Though your plans for the lawn and garden may be about the same as last year, physically you have changed. Those changes can result in a decline in your ability to function at the same level of safety as before. Here are some ways to stay safe and products to make your job easier.

Dementia vs Kitchen: A Caregiver's Nightmare

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Is there any time of the year when your family enjoys the aromas coming from your kitchen more than at holiday time? The scents of favorite meals, warm bread, pastries and candy not only bring on anticipation but some of our fondest memories as well. Yet, for sons and daughters of people with dementia, it could also bring on heightened levels of anxiety over mom’s safety.

This Month It's All about You

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November is National Family Caregivers Month and in observance we’ve put together a list of some of the events, pages, and articles we think you’ll find most helpful to your needs. Whether just beginning or nearing an end, the road we travel is winding and more often than we’d like to admit the weather is foggy. We usually can’t travel at a high rate of speed for very long before we are forced to a crawl. That’s the nature of caregiving. Fortunately, there’s a lot of help offered by a lot of people to guide us safely and we’ll share some of the best with you here.

Planning to Remodel? You Need to Read this First

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If you’re a caregiver no one has to tell you that most homes are built for standard size adults without physical challenges. Your care-recipient wants to be as independent as possible so caregiving homes usually need to be modified for comfort in some way. The steps to make certain you get everything you need without getting more than you need, within a budget you can afford, and without overspending can seem overwhelming. We've found a terrific guide to make you job a lot easier.



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